Speciesism: The Movie is the thinking person’s animal rights movie, the intellectual companion piece to The Ghosts in Our Machine. Drawing upon the philosophy of Peter Singer, the Princeton professor whose seminal 1975 book, Animal Liberation, is considered a classic of the animal rights movement, Devries’ film advances the position that no rational justification exists for excluding other sentient animals from the realm of ethical concern, and that causing them unnecessary suffering is a violation of our most basic moral principles.

No, the film ain’t gonna win an Oscar. But it is, at least, thought-provoking. Mostly I’m plugging it for this reason: I feel obligated to be a voice for the mute suffering of non-human animals. What happens to factory farm animals on their way to our stomachs is an abomination. Let’s be honest: if you or I did to our cats and dogs what is regularly done to chickens, cows, and pigs, we would be arrested on felony cruelty charges. So if you’re opposed to animal cruelty (and who among us isn’t?), please give this film a look. On behalf of the billions upon billions of sentient creatures who suffer mercilessly from birth to slaughter so that we may enjoy our fried eggs, milkshakes, bacon strips, and hamburgers, I thank you.

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