Short Takes – Vol. 1

2001: A Space Odyssey (Stanley Kubrick, 1968) – Eschewing conventional storytelling techniques, Kubrick’s quasi-mystical tale of humankind’s evolution from primitive ape-man to angelic Star-Child (the final evolutionary leap of which hinges on man’s ability to harness the potentially destructive nature of his technology, here embodied by Hal, the all-too-human computer run amok) employs an elliptical, […]

2008 NOFF Awards

Welcome to the 2nd Annual NOFF Awards! Last year’s presentation was a hastily thrown together affair, conceived, written and posted on the same day as last year’s Oscar ceremonies. This year’s presentation is better organized, more substantial and much glitzier, complete with snazzy photos, commentary¬†on each category, and an Awards Tally wrap-up! And now without […]