Top 50 Countdown – #’s 35-31

  -35- El Year: 1953 Director: Luis Buñuel Buñuel’s most scathing, wickedly funny attack on the Church, El explores the irrational jealousy of a respectable churchgoer, whose deeply ingrained sexual neuroses, firmly rooted in the repressive practices of the Church, come to the fore soon after his marriage, sparking within him paranoid suspicions of his […]

Top 50 Countdown – #’s 40-36

  -40- The Long Goodbye Year: 1973 Director: Robert Altman Altman’s revisionist masterpiece places a ‘50s style version of Philip Marlowe within the narcissistic, morally indifferent milieu of ‘70s L.A., an inspired conceit which allows Altman to critique the selfish Me-generation and parody the conventions of the private eye genre while also telling an engrossing […]

Top 50 Countdown – #’s 45-41

  -45- Shoot the Piano Player Year: 1960 Director: François Truffaut Balancing playful comedy, moving romance, winking reflexivity and dark existential tragedy within a narrative involving a honky-tonk pianist’s failed efforts to remain emotionally detached from the world, Truffaut’s Shoot the Piano Player deliriously blends genres, styles and tones with the kind of cinematic razzmatazz […]