Top 50 Countdown – #’s 25-21

  -25- Repulsion Year: 1965 Director: Roman Polanski One of the creepiest visions of madness ever put on film, Repulsion stars Catherine Denueve as a deeply disturbed, man-hating young woman whose distorted perception and disintegrating mental state is reflected in a frightening array of unnerving sound effects and hallucinatory imagery. To read my longer review click […]

Top 50 Countdown – #’s 30-26

  -30- The Wizard of Oz Year: 1939 Director: Victor Fleming The Wizard of Oz owes its enduring appeal not only to the captivating fantasy world created by its eye-popping Technicolor photography, imaginative set designs, memorable special effects, colorful costumes, catchy songs, and wondrous characters, but also to the film’s reassuring message which teaches us […]